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When I was in the hospital I always searched for more information about my injury and what I could do about it. I started CTR in 2017 as a way to bring together people with spinal cord injuries in an effort to empower them with information.

Two years later I am happy to announce that in addition to our thriving podcast, that I constantly get amazing feedback to, CTR will be launching the PEER2PEER program to build a more thorough database for current and future spinal cord injury recipients.

All of this however does cost money to run, from the podcast hosting costs, to editing and recording software. I run, record, and edit all of the podcasts as well as keep the website running for free, but still have been funding the rest of CTR out of my own pocket.

If you enjoy the podcasts or appreciate what we are trying to build, please consider donating whatever you see fit.

Thank you,

Andrew Mangan, Founder and C5 Quadriplegic

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