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John Maclean: Triathlete, Olympian, Wheelchair Athlete

I am really excited to share my conversation with John Maclean with you. John was injured in 1988 and since then has battled back through his paralysis to accomplish herculean deeds. John first completed a triathlon post injury in 1994 as a wheelchair athlete. 20 years later he completed the same triathlon as an able-bodied competitor.

In those 20 years he also raced in a number of IronMans, swam the English channel, went to and medaled in a number of olympic games, started a foundation, and learned to walk. On top of that he has written three books about his experiences.

At the heart of it all, though, John is a determined positive goal driven individual who set his mind to many tasks and achieved them. I really hope you enjoy this episode.

Be sure to check out John’s website and his most recent book, How Far Can You Go.

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